Allowing yourself to experiece JOY

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Allowing yourself to experiece JOY Empty Allowing yourself to experiece JOY

Post  barbluv on Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:59 pm

Yesterday Sonia in the webinar said everyday she allows herself to experience joy.
Today I talked to Lisa and Benita and after both conversations I was in such a high state of JOY, I could barely contain myself. I started my day today saying I would experience a day of JOY, and today was off the charts. How both Lisa and Benita connected was pure wonder. Both thought of either wanting my phone number or was thinking of me, and a message came to them with my phone number (from me). We are now experiencing faster than the speed of light. And I know for myself I have been elevated to a higher level than I was before the conversations. We are now being able to see ourselves being elevated as we speak. (Let me speak only for myself) I can only say THANK YOU SONIA!!!!


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