Our minds play back these recorded memories all of the time!

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Our minds play back these recorded memories all of the time!  Empty Our minds play back these recorded memories all of the time!

Post  Benita on Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:32 pm

I mentioned during a workshop last year... that while lying in bed upon awakening, on a couple of different occasions, I SAW the TV and a piece of paper come together, forming themselves from particles into wholeness. Well I haven't had those experiences anymore...so I thought.

This week I became aware that when I awaken every morning, or enter a familiar room, or step outside at night, that just for a brief second I stop to adjust my focus of what i'm seeing. For example...I noticed that in the first few, spit seconds when I first open my eyes in the morning, many times I do not know where the hell I am lol! (i'm not crazy, this happens very quickly and i'm just aware of it now!). I do a quick assessment by saying to myself...i'm in my bedroom, in my bed, there's the dresser, the TV, etc...Okay i'm here. I began to notice myself doing this quite often. Like when I first step outside after it's gotten dark, it looks different at first.

I realized that in those few brief seconds, after stopping and looking, that what I'm doing is bringing what's familiar into focus.

Our minds are playing back to us these recorded memories all of the time!

What I realized is that things and places look different at first glance, however, we (the mind) brings into focus the recorded memory held within our minds. I had really begun to notice that I don't see many things in this small town where I live, until someone describes and point out the existence of things...then I'm like "Oh Yeah" and see it from that point on.

I always just thought that I wasn't very observant because I have been told this so many times throughout my life. Sonia spoke about all of this last year, including about how we all are not seeing, hearing the same things.

Guess what...I'm AWARE OF WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING NOW! I don't have a problem with not being very observant...I just don't see what ever it is because it just doesn't exist in my reality until I add it to my field of focus, and decide to keep it there.

IT'S ALL RECORDED MEMORIES, and can be applied to everything taking place in our lives!

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