"Opposites Attract and Like Repel"

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"Opposites Attract and Like Repel" Empty "Opposites Attract and Like Repel"

Post  Benita on Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:07 pm

I've been trying to figure out this thought for the past couple of days. I am very interested in hearing a few opinions concerning what you understand this statement to mean..."Opposites Attract and Like Repel" in relation to social programming. I'm not referring to personal relationships, but collectively as human beings, group thinking, cultural thoughts and other systemic relationships and how these relate to what we understand about the natural flow of energy.

I kind of remember Sonia discussing this a long time ago but can't remember the full details of the lecture. I was thinking about this because of a discussion that I sat in on a couple of days ago and a few of them know that I'm into science. One of them asked "how does science define the social problems on the planet?" So this thought came to me... "Opposites Attract and Like Repel." In my opinion, we know that we have all been programmed to view life on earth through one world view. And, during the course of our lives we may feel ourselves to rebel against social control, and then create some changes that have the appearance that we are operating outside the system, when actually we've only mentally created new compartments or added more sub-compartments within the mind. If these new actions are coming from the same thinking mind that is simply rebelling against the social structure, then I consider this an example of the group and cultural concepts of "Opposites Attracting." New arms and legs extended from the same social order when this system is used as the measurements for change. And, I feel that this direction of thinking helps to define the meaning behind 'opposites attract.' Creating more of the same, generation after generation, of individuals, cultures or groups creating new mental compartments within the mind (more boxes). Even though these repeated actions may seem to feel so e-motionally correct, they are only unconscious/sub-conscious reactions (energy frequencies) that are rooted in identifying with the established social structure and thereby the change is simply coming from this energy source.

On the other hand, "Like Repels" and in my opinion, this is the great paradox because therein is created 2 systems that are very similar in structure... one we know well, a system of imbalance, death, war, destruction, and that is against the flow of universal consciousness ( the anti-christ) and yet another system, very closely aligned, that moves in harmony with the universal energy flow. This 2nd system would have balance, involves giving & receiving, oneness and love. In order for these 2 systems to repel each other, then the 2nd, balanced system cannot be the opposite of the current social structure. To come into harmony with the universal flow, these 2 systems must be alike so to speak (imbalance and balance), the ying & yang, positive & negative effect, etc... this is when the 2 systems can meet at the vortex in the middle. I'm not sure what happens then silent .

I would sincerely love to hear your thoughts about this...


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