Question I asked Sonia concerning her latest article released on 1-4-12

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Question I asked Sonia concerning her latest article released on 1-4-12

Post  Benita on Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:34 pm

My Question: There is something that you spoke of that I don't think that I'm clear about, and that's the association/relationship between math and reality (energy)...

"Reality is all about numbers; this is a math game; quantum packets of energy shaping reality. All things possess a numerical value; it’s all energy."

Reply: Hey Benita,

Glad you loved the article. Well it took me a day to write. When I referenced that reality is about numbers I meant that since everything is a frequency pattern, it means that it takes a certain amount of energy to form that pattern...any form that is. Think about it...a frequency is the measurable force of a substance and the cycles required to hold that frequency in place. Remember that a frequency is a measurement of the cycles per second that forms a pattern. I hope that helps if not I will have to explain it on the phone. If you think about it enough you will get it. Everything is made up of a certain amount of energy therefore it is mathematical . Quantum physics means packets of that packet is a certain amount of energy. There is a numeric value to all things if we are able to measure volume, weight, height, width, density etc. We also measure time and distance which are technically one in the same. Ok

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